December 10, 2022

iCollector Online Movie Prop Memorabilia Auction

Live Auctioneers Online Movie Prop Memorabilia Auction


The Mortal Kombat Live Auction takes place on December 10 at 11am PST.

This one day live event featured online worldwide is the biggest collection of props and costumes, one of a kind autographed collectible toy figures, autographed posters from the creators and cast ever offered to the public!

Plus the very rare, THE ICONIC ROUND DOORS TO OUTWORLD from several scenes in the film, Shang Tsung's hero coat from the franchise, A 'STONE' GUARDIAN FROM THE RACE OF CREATURES REPTILE HAILS, STONE GUARDIAN statue from Outworld, PROTECTOR GUARDIAN statue on the road to the Outworld,JOHNNY CAGE'S SHIELD, WAR MALLET OF THE EMPORER, SHAO KAHN'S WHIP, HEAD OF SPEAR from Shang Tsung's lair, and CONCEPT ART DRAWINGS for the sets in Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Plus items from Babylon 5, Beowulf and more, direct from the studio.

Special guests, including the producer and creator Larry Kasanoff, and cast from the film will be live at the event and online worldwide! This live event show will be hosted and streamed live on iCollector, Hollywood Live Auctions and Premiere Props.


Movie Props Memorabilia Live Auction

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